Kilian Chan had cello lessons with Laurent Perrin under the Junior Music Programme at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He is currently studying with Artem Konstantinov.  He also travels and has lessons with Stefan Popov from time to time.  He is playing in the cello section of the Ponte Orchestra in Hong Kong.


Besides cello playing, Kilian is keen to bring performing arts to more people around the world.  He started a non-profit charitable organisation Aura Music in 2019.  He hopes to reposition music as the starting point of multi-discipline learning and as a channel for promoting culture exchange.  With this new setup, he would also like to help young Asian musicians starting their early career by engaging them to tour around Asian cities. This year, he was invited by Young Friends of the Hong Kong Arts Festival to be the narrator of Young Friends Music Special From Literature to Music.


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  • PAST
    Young Friends 30th Anniversary Special - Young Composer Showcase
    (Aug 2022)
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The countries Vokalia and Consonantia

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