Kilian Chan had cello lessons with Laurent Perrin under the Junior Music Programme at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. He studied with Artem Konstantinov and also has lessons with Stefan Popov and Richard Bamping.  He plays in various orchestras in Hong Kong including the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra, the Ponte Orchestra and the Pan Asia Symphony Orchestra. 

Besides cello playing, Kilian is keen to bring performing arts to more people around the world. He started a non-profit charitable organisation called Aura Music in Hong Kong. Through the new setup, he hopes to reposition music as the centre of multi-subjects learning and as a channel for promoting culture exchange and understanding. He would like to help young Asian musicians starting their early career by engaging them to tour around Asian cities. Before starting Aura Music, he was the Director of Finance and Development of the Hong Kong Festival Orchestra from 2012 to 2018.

Ponte+ is another new initiative started by Kilian in 2019. Together with the team, he is exploring new possibilities on audience engagement as well as how digital and technology could help the development in performing arts industry as a whole